AdMonkey V2
AdMonkey is a Binance Smart Chain token which provides users with generous rewards. The project is backed by a, currently being developed, Ad Tech platform.

What is AdMonkey?

AdMonkey is a cutting edge Ad Tech platform, providing CPC/CPM ad bidding for crypto projects. It has a Binance Smart Chain token which rewards holders generously.

What is the usecase of AdMonkey?

AdMonkey is currently in the process of developing a cutting edge ad serving platform, which will allow users to host and manage CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions) ad campaigns in the form of banner and text ads.

When is the platform due for release?

The AdMonkey Ad Platform is due for release in Q4 2021. As we near the completion of the BETA version of the platform, brand awareness and product marketing will take place to ensure maximum exposure for the release of the platform.

Last modified 8mo ago