Automatic BNB Rewards

How often are rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed as often as every hour, depending on the volume of buys/sells on the contract. At times it can be less frequent, but will always be at least daily.

Are rewards paid in BNB?

All rewards are paid in BNB (BSC - Binance Smart Chain) unless you opt for your reward to be paid out in a BSC token.

How do I select a token as my reward?

Using our V2 dApp,, you can enter the Contract Address of the token you would like your rewards paid in. This token must be tradable on PancakeSwap. AdMonkey will introduce more DEX's in the coming months.

Can I swap back to BNB, if I'm currently receiving rewards as a token?

Yes, you can. There is an option to revert to BNB in our dApp, located at

Is there a minimum amount of tokens required, to be eligible for the automatic rewards?

To keep things fair and ensure the contract doesn't exhaust its funds on gas fees, we have introduced a minimum token amount to hold, to be eligible for automatic rewards. The minimum amount of tokens required is 10,000,000.